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Do you want self-service access to our top-performing audience segments?

Foursquare has the industry’s most accurate location-based audience data, which for years our clients have relied on to help them meet their campaign goals. We’ve now unlocked yet another way to easily and flexibly access our data in a self-service manner directly within top buying platforms.

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Our Solution

With Foursquare’s data available for self-service use, we’re giving you the opportunity to build the best possible audiences, aligned to your goals, with just a few clicks. Here’s what that means:

  • Easy access to Pinpoint’s trusted units of data: chains, categories and lifestyle affinities comprised into 450 segments that can be combined to fit your needs.

  • Seamless activation of Foursquare data for your omnichannel campaign.

  • Unrivaled accuracy that enables you to reach the audiences you care about at scale.

  • A new way to tap into Foursquare's end-to-end solution, from audience to optimization and measurement.

Why Foursquare Data?

Our data is the best, and this is why:

  • Activate audience segments powered by our proprietary, always-on first party panel and quality-assured by our precise stop detection technology.

  • Prospect new customers by generating brand awareness with hyper-relevant ads based on the places they go in the real world.

  • Optimize media based on the most accurate visit data and plan ahead for future campaigns based on observed trends and performance.


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