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Are Your TV Ads Driving Business?

Bridge the gap between TV campaigns and visits to your location with our leading location technology platform. TV Attribution uses our cutting-edge measurement methodology to help you identify the combinations of media that drive the most ROI.

Ready to measure the impact of your TV advertising?

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Our Solution

Our proprietary location technology helps you tie TV ad views to foot traffic. With TV Attribution, you can:

  • See the lift driven by each channel in your marketing mix

  • Identify the most effective channels, partners, creative, and targeting tactics

  • Compare performance of your TV ads to your digital ads

How it Works

We’ve partnered with Inscape, leveraging their footprint of 8.5M opted-in Smart TVs. Here's how it works:

  • Inscape's automatic content recognition technology (ACR) captures video fingerprints (i.e. associated network) from viewers' TV screens

  • We match the TV's IP address to our first-party panel and build an advanced behavior profile for each potential customer

  • The difference between the exposed and expected visit rates represents incremental visit lift

Learn About Your Audience

Here’s a look at the metrics and insights you’ll receive with TV Attribution:

  • Visitor loyalty (regular, occasional, new/lapsed)

  • Audience affinities and demographic insights

  • Visit lift rates by channel, age, gender, day of week, time of day, network, retailer, and more



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